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Become a Friend

Calling all Boswellians!

We cordially invite you to become part of the James Boswell story today by becoming a ‘Boswellian’ – a member of our ‘friends’ group. To date we have nearly 1000 friends and during 2017 we would like you to help us increase our list of friends to ensure that we all continue to put James Boswell’s name up in lights.

In return for signing up as a ‘Boswellian’ you will receive advance news about this year’s Book Festival, 12-14th May 2017. We’ll also keep you apace of progress with developments at the Boswell Aisle and Mausoleum in Auchinleck.

Become a Friend of the Boswell Trust and the Boswell Book Festival and keep abreast of all our plans – gratis.

To apply to become a Friend, simply enter your details in the form below and click the ‘Send Application’ button. We will then get back to you very shortly.

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